Drawing is the basis of observation, but not with scientific detachment.  Instead, drawing connects the artist intensely with the seen.  As Cezanne said, “The landscape speaks to me.”

These are pages from my sketchbook.




A day at the zoo – there is something so immediate about drawing an animal that keeps moving – For these drawings I like to use a pen that flows across the paper with continuous movement:



















2 thoughts on “Drawings

  1. Great work! Love the drawings and also section on process. I’m about to move into using armature after a couple of my pieces blew up in the communal arts centre kiln. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Miranda (formerly art school trained, landscape architect & lecturer, newly taken up mainly animal , clay sculpture)


    1. Thanks Miranda! You can see more process on my facebook page. I just created a 12-foot giraffe – It was a big deal to make the armature for that because the armature had to hold about 700 pounds of clay on relatively thin legs. Can’t remember if I posted any of those photos
      on my webpage. If not, I will post them. Good luck with the armature. (By the way – I had to take two semesters of welding to figure it out.)


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