November, 2019 – February 2020  Began working on 12-foot giraffe


Clay for life-size camel: Below in the clay and then shimming the clay for making the mold; painting the rubber mold on; then creating the plaster mold on to the the rubber mold

Pouring bronze in the studio

Metal chasing

Getting the metal clean before the patina is worked

group before patina

Will Start making mold – rubber and plaster – on this twice life size donkey that I just finished (April 2019) The small Isodor Bonheur’s anatomical horse at 15″ gives size reference (as well as anatomical reference!)


Starting a life-size sheep in clay; putting clay onto the welded armature.

Finished clay, life-size sheep

Starting a new clay piece (July 2018) life-size zebra head

Wax state of bronze casting

These are two images of the wax state of bronze casting.  These will be dipped into a ceramic base that hardens and then fired to melt the interior wax (lost wax process).  Then the bronze will be poured into the empty ceramic shell that once held the wax.

Grisaille of painting

This is an underpainting (creating a black and white grisaille) before color is developed on top.

Working in clay

Life size lamb to be cast in the letters from prisoners:  This is the finished clay stage of the head.  After casting the head I will work on the entire body of the lamb.

lambhead closeup

Large Bird:
The first series of images are the process of creating a 6-foot bird in clay that will be cast into bronze.  In this series, I have created the steel rod armature upon which I have worked the clay model of the bird